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Support the work of Undoing Racism®

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Undoing Racism in our lifetimes!

For many of us, 2017 has been a frightening and disappointing year. We have experienced personal pain and communal, as the deep underpinning of racism, misogyny and general hatefulness has revealed itself on a daily basis. Yet, even more astonishing, and gratifying has been efforts by people, organizations and institutions to resist dehumanization and seek to organize for structural change. At the People's Institute, this has been most strikingly revealed in the marked increase in the number of Undoing Racism ® Workshops that have been requested. Since January, we have offered an average of 30 workshops a month, and by the time you receive this email we will have organized with you to present over 365 workshops, appetizers (short introductions) and follow-ups this year.

We are grateful for your past support. Your donation toThe People's Institute will enable us to reach communities historically left out, yet whose reality is at the center of our movement.

In Solidarity,

Ron Chisolm, Executive Director, and Karen Livers, President, Board of Directors, The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond