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Undoing Racism 1 Community 1 Organization At A Time

Over a year ago, The Department of Health in New Orleans held a series of Undoing Racism®️ trainings. The DoH invited public and private partners to be a part of the 2.5 day workshop. In a circle we began to pull back the layers and impact of the toxic stress and trauma that racism had caused us in engaging and serving communities. I sat, quietly at first, listening and observing. I will admit that while the white female presenter was describing what we would explore together, I was a bit judgemental (“what in the heck is SHE going to tell me about racism- girl bye”). It did not take me long to begin to let the words and the process of undoing begin to unfold. Then the first step of my purge to Undo Racism®️ began. I have in no way touched the surface of the impact that racism has had on my well-being nor have I began to unravel what I consider my subjugated complacency and how it shown up in my “many nuances of life.” I plan to do the work so that I can be a bridge to support others to do the work so that true healing begins.

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